Privacy Policy

The Good Registry is committed to protecting your privacy. The Good Registry facilitates donations from Gift Givers and we recognise that donating is a very personal process so we take every precaution with the way we capture and use your personal information.

Your Personal Information

Under the Privacy Act 1993 (New Zealand law) you are able to access any personal information provided via The Good Registry service and held about you, and correct or update your personal information at any time.

The Gift Giver, Event Giver and Charity sign up process requires minimal personal information (i.e. name and email address).

The Good Registry will never sell or rent your personal information to a third party or disclose your individual donation information. The Good Registry will always aggregate and de-personalise donation and fundraising data for the purposes of promotion and public reporting of The Good Registry activity.

The Good Registry will not provide details of Gift Givers to the Charities they donate to but it will provide the details of an Event Giver to the Charity they nominated on their Registry Page.

Registry Pages are publicly available. Event Givers will determine the information they provide for their Registry Page in the sign-up process.

Your personal information may be available to independent auditors as required from time to time for The Good Registry’s charitable reporting purposes.

Your personal information will only be disclosed if public authorities (including government agencies with statutory law enforcement responsibilities) require access to your details:

  • to investigate legal compliance
  • to assist with court proceedings

The Good Registry may use your personal information:

  • to contact you when necessary about your activity on The Good Registry
  • to provide you information about The Good Registry or changes on the Website
  • to enforce or apply our Terms
  • to protect the property, rights, or safety of The Good Registry, our users, or others.

Our general policy is to contact our users by email, however other means of contact may be used (if other contact information is available).

You are able to contact us at any time using our contact form to verify if your personal information has been provided in any of the above circumstances.

Closing Your Account

To have your account removed from The Good Registry entirely; please contact us at


You are personally responsible for ensuring the security of your user name, email address, password, profile information and donation details. We recommend you do not disclose your user registration details to any third parties. If you choose to share your personal information, including registration details with a third party you are responsible for any actions taken with this information and access.

User Communication

The Good Registry will send you mandatory emails relating to registration and donations.

From time to time, The Good Registry may send newsletters and other communications to you. These communications will contain instructions for how you can 'unsubscribe'.

Payment Security

We are 100% committed to protecting the security of your personal information, including credit card information. The Good Registry does not hold your credit card details. We use Stripe ( to process online donations (please review their Privacy Policy)

Please make every effort to protect against unauthorised access to your The Good Registry registration details and to your computer.


Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your computer's hard drive when you access a website. Most websites use cookies to provide useful features for their visitors.

The Good Registry uses 'session' cookies. Session cookies are used so we can remember that you have logged in recently without prompting you to do so again. We use authentication systems which require the use of session cookies to keep you logged in.

The Good Registry also uses 'persistent' cookies to individualise our service. We use them as a protection tool for our members and to provide us with data (such as the frequency and duration that members visit the Website). Persistent cookies enable us to track members on The Good Registry and recognise members that abuse the Website.

The Good Registry collates additional information to better understand our Website users, including the site that you've just visited, the site you visit next, your browser and IP address.

Your IP address makes up part of your personal information and as such will only be given to legal institutions and authorities in events as described above. This data is stored securely. We may also collect messages you choose to post, and feedback you leave for other users on The Good Registry.

Other Information

Any correspondence you send us, such as letters or emails, or correspondence from other members or third parties that relate to your activities on The Good Registry may be collected.

Third Parties

The Good Registry may link to third party sites for the benefit of users. The Good Registry does not control the content, privacy policies of these sites or endorse these organisations except where expressly stated.

Privacy Policy Updates

From time to time, changes we make to The Good Registry will require that we update this privacy policy. Please check back here to get the latest version. If you have any questions about our privacy policy please contact us using the contact form.