Our ‘why’

Special events should be celebrated. Often that means gifts, but we know how hard choosing good gifts can be. So people sometimes give us stuff we don’t really love or need.

We also know there’s lots of unmet need around us, good causes we could help, and the joy that giving brings (if only we could find the time or money!).

We wondered if we could still celebrate, buy a little less, and do a whole lot more good.

And the answer is yes! The answer is The Good Registry.

We’re about making special events 100% celebration, generosity, simplicity and goodness — and zero waste.

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We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.- Winston Churchill.
How it works - if you’re having an event

Have you ever said ‘no gifts please’ but still received gifts you don’t need? Have you ever wondered what was spent on those gifts, and how much good it could do for needy causes instead? The Good Registry is your answer.

  1. If you’re having an event, choose the occasion you’d like to give away — a birthday, Easter, Christmas, Christening, baby shower, engagement, wedding, anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah , farewell, house-warming, public speaking events, the list goes on. Choose the charity you’d like donations on your behalf to go to and write a few words about why.
  2. We’ll give you a unique link to share with friends, family and others through social media, wedding or party invitations, or by email or word of mouth. Anyone who wishes to contribute can visit your page, make a donation, and share a message.
  3. You and your gifters will be able to see how much is raised and celebrate that (although we won’t show the individual value of each gift).
  4. At the end of your event we’ll tally up the gifts and pay them forward to your chosen charity.
How it works - if you’d like to make a gift to someone’s event

Click on the event link or url link that’s been shared with you, or search for the person by name using the search function or the ‘explore now’ button below. Decide how much you’d like to give, then make your gift through our secure payment platform. And see the tally go up thanks to your generosity!

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The heart that gives, gathers- Tao Te Ching
Who we are
Christine Langdon
Co-founder, CE & Chief of Good.
Tracey Bridges
Co-founder & Director.
Sue McCabe
Co-founder & Director.
Tamsin Wilkins
Trustee, The Good Registry Trust.
Helping good causes

When you pay your giving forward at The Good Registry, you’re helping good causes do work that really matters.

Don’t just take it from us — take it from them too! We asked Neil O’Styke of the Neonatal Trust NZ to tell us how you help them when you gift through The Good Registry.


From Neil O’Styke, Executive Director, The Neonatal Trust NZ

We’re excited to be one of the launch charities for The Good Registry, which is an excellent fit with our fundraising strategy — of creating a range of options that are low cost, trusted and add to the choice of how people can support The Neonatal Trust.

The holy grail of fundraising is a pipeline of regular income that is enabled with minimal risk and effort. The Good Registry absolutely ticks the boxes for us. For a small organisation with limited resources it is difficult — in terms of both direct cost and opportunity cost — to compete with sophisticated programmes out there. Having a professionally managed platform like The Good Registry adds another string to our fundraising bow, with the benefit of not having to develop a tool for ourselves.

We wish to be able to support more families and do so in a more consistent way. Providing a range of different tools to give through is important for being both relevant, and also easy to deal with. Being able to involve their friends and family through The Good Registry will appeal to many, especially in the modern and connected digital world.

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